Public Offer

Last Edition 01.01.2024

This offer is a public offering by PipelinerOnline, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the Contractor) to an unlimited number of persons to agree on the provision of consulting and training services «Financial Assistance» (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) on the following terms:
Definition of Terms
A client is a person who, by accepting an offer, enters into an Agreement with the Contractor and receives services.

PipelinerOnline is a service that is software, the result of computer programming in the form of an online service, which is available on the Internet at the link and is used to simulate financial models of small and medium-sized enterprises.
Services – consulting and training services for the organization and management of financial modeling, provided by the Contractor under the Agreement.

1. Offer Acceptance
1.1. The Client orders the Services by filling out the appropriate form on the website
1.2. The Contractor provides the Client with an invoice for payment of the ordered Services.
1.3. At the time of payment of the Contractor's invoice, the Client is considered to have concluded this Agreement without any comments

2. The subject of the agreement
2.1. The Contractor undertakes to provide Services to the Client, and the Client undertakes to pay for the Services provided under the terms of the Agreement.
2.2. The Client orders the Services of the Contractor by choosing a package of Services. If the Client needs to receive any additional Service not provided for in the Service package, the Contractor may provide it after agreeing with the Client on the cost of such Service.
2.3. The contractor may engage a Financial Assistant to provide services. In this case, the Financial Assistant directly cooperates with the Client to provide Services and is obliged to observe confidentiality when working with the Client, as stipulated in the Agreement. The financial assistant is an independent contractor of the Contractor.

3. Executive reports. Financial Assistant
3.1. The financial assistant provides financial reports to the Client in electronic form. If necessary, the Financial Assistant can additionally provide the Client with clarifications and consultations on current issues that arise for the Client during the organization and maintenance of financial accounting and on the indicators displayed in the reports.
3.2. If the Client wants the information about the financial transaction to be taken into account during the preparation of the report for the agreed period, then he must provide such information no later than 5 days before the date of preparation of the report.
3.3. The Client can use the received reports at his discretion without any restrictions from the Executor or the Financial Assistant. The Client confirms and understands that the provided reports are not official financial, accounting or tax reports and cannot be used instead of the reports that the Client is required to prepare and submit to state authorities in accordance with current legislation. The indicators contained in the reports are formed based on the information provided by the Client, therefore the Contractor and the Financial Assistant do not guarantee the reliability and completeness of such information, and the indicators from the reports cannot be used to calculate the amounts of taxes that the Client must pay.
3.4. In addition to the Financial Assistant, the Contractor may also engage any subcontractors to perform the Contract. The Contractor notifies in advance about the replacement of the Financial Assistant involved in the provision of Services to the Client. When engaging a Financial Assistant and/or subcontractors, the Contractor bears all responsibility for their actions/inactions as his own.

4. Cost of services and payment procedure
4.1. The cost of each package of Services, as well as additional Services, is agreed upon by the parties in the Contractor's invoices.
4.2. The Client pays for the Contractor's services by 100% prepayment to the Contractor's bank account, or using the Stripe payment system. Bank details are indicated in the Contractor's invoices.
4.3. The client must pay for the services within the term specified in the invoice, but no later than 5 days from the date of receipt of the invoice, otherwise. The Contractor may increase the cost of the Services.
4.4. The client, who uses the payment system to pay the cost of the Contractor's Services, can save the details of the bank card in the system and thereby give consent to make regular payments from such a card. In this case, the next payment will be debited from the Client's card automatically without additional agreement with the Client in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. If the next payment was not automatically debited due to the expiration of the bank card or due to the lack of funds on the bank card, the Client must make the next payment in any other way. If the Client refuses regular payments and does not make the next payment independently in any other way, then it is considered that there is no next payment.
4.5. If the Client is overdue for payment by more than a month, the Contractor has the right to refuse to provide the Client with Services at the cost determined by the Contract and to terminate this Contract.
4.6. All operations carried out by the Client during the period when the Services or access to PipelinerOnline were not paid for, will not be processed by the Executor and the Financial Assistant and will not be taken into account when preparing reports.
4.7. The cost of the Services includes the cost of intellectual property rights to reports created in the process of providing the Services. Such rights are transferred when a copy of the report is handed over to the Client.
4.8 If the Client, who agreed to make regular payments, decided not to receive Services from the Contractor anymore and informed the Contractor about this, then such a Client must independently refuse to make regular payments. Otherwise, the next payment may continue to be debited from the Client's bank card regardless of whether the Client has stopped receiving Services from the Contractor. In case of such a write-off, the amount of the next payment is not subject to return to the Client.

5. Information confidentiality
5.1. All information that the Client provides to the Financial Assistant is confidential, except when such information is publicly available.
5.2. The Client transmits confidential information through the communication channels specified in the Agreement and during video or telephone calls with the Financial Expert. The client gives his consent to the recording of such calls. The recording is also confidential and may be used exclusively for the performance of the Agreement.
5.3. Confidential information may be disclosed if the Client consents to this.
5.4. The Executor and the Financial Assistant guarantee that they will not transfer any information received from the Client to any government authorities.
5.5. In the case of receiving any request from a state body or court for the disclosure of information that may concern the Client, the parties shall inform the Client about it no later than the next business day after receiving such a request. In such a case, the parties undertake to use all methods provided by law to refuse to satisfy such a request of a state body, and if there are no grounds for refusal, to provide information in the minimum amount required by law.
5.6. The Financial Assistant is obliged to take all possible measures to prevent the access of any third parties to confidential information.
5.7. The party guilty of disclosing confidential information shall compensate the Client for all losses caused by such disclosure.
5.8. The Contractor receives information from the Client only through the PipelinerOnline service - the e-mail specified by the Client when registering on the website This communication channel is protected, disclosure of such information is technically impossible. Therefore, in case of disclosure of confidential information, there is a presumption of guilt of the Financial Assistant in such disclosure.

6. Term of validity of the agreement and the procedure for making changes and termination
6.1. The contract is valid from the moment of acceptance and throughout the entire period of provision of Services.
6.2. Each of the parties has the right to unilaterally terminate the Agreement at any time by notifying the other party no later than 10 calendar days before the termination date. In this case, the Services provided by the Contractor are subject to payment, and the Contractor returns the balance of the advance payment to the Client's account within 10 banking days from the date of termination of the Agreement.
6.3. The Contractor has the right to change this Agreement at any time by posting it in a new version at the link:

7. Other terms of the contract
7.1. All letters, messages, and other information transmitted to the Client in electronic form using the communication channels specified by the Client when ordering the Services or receiving them are equated to written documents and are part of the Agreement. The parties can exchange electronic documents signed by EDS or KEP.
7.2. Each party is responsible for the authenticity of its details and undertakes to immediately inform the other party about their change.
7.3. This contract is governed by the legislation of Ukraine. All disputes are resolved through negotiations. In the event of failure to reach an agreement between the parties, disputes shall be resolved by a competent court.

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