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Hi, freelance agency owner!

Here is a handy template from Eugene and Nastya. We created it together with other growing freelance businesses, just like yours. This template will help you to get rid of financial chaos and understand how to make your business more efficient.

I bet it will sound familiar

Once upon a time there was a brave freelance designer navigating through the uncharted seas of user behavior.
Our hero was a true master of their craft. Clients were happy. Freelance business was booming and generated enough word-of-mouth to stay busy for a long time. In fact, a week didn’t have enough hours to fit all of the clients. Everything was fine and mapped out
But instead of turning them down, the hero decided to move up. It was time to turn a humble solopreneur boat into a freelance agency ship and explore big waters. 
So after settling all legal issues and gathering a network of skillful specialists, the first projects were embarked upon. Now the following questions began to arise:

    How should I manage my agency so it would generate more money than working alone?
    Should I focus on creating landing pages for small businesses or take on a few big design projects?
    Is there enough runway to keep your agency afloat in case clients don't come through or are late with a payment? 
    I spin like a hamster on a wheel, it seems there is some turnover, but at the end of the month there is less money left in the business bank account than I expected
    Is there enough runway to keep your agency afloat in case clients don't come through or are late with a payment? 
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About Pipeliner

As a US startup with Ukrainian founders, we fully understand how hard it is to build a product that matters under the most difficult circumstances. We strongly believe that this experience made us better entrepreneurs, and hence we want to give back and support other entrepreneurs by building PipelinerOnline – a financial business simulator for SMEs.
Based on the results of two-year research, we developed our unique approach, called product-oriented modeling flow. It helps simplify complex financial models by splitting them into smaller and more understandable pieces. So an average entrepreneur without special knowledge and skills needs just 25 minutes to build his or her first financial model!
We hope this approach can significantly impact all who stand for resilience today.

We tried to forecast our balance sheet and cash flow - and immediately saw what information we lacked and what miscalculations we made while planning our services. We will continue to model, rely on straight numbers and create new products.

Kateryna Kravchuk, Co-founder of


Our process is a flexible framework that adapts, evolves and responds to your needs. It is the streamlined result of two decades of website design and marketing for hundreds of clients.

  • Model

    Model you business using a simple template

  • Make

    Make number based decisions using clear visual analytics

  • Share

    Share results with your team, advisors and investors

    easy to use – no special financial knowledge needed
    fast results – just 25 minutes to build your first financial model and see the big picture of your business
    affordable – way cheaper than consultant or in-house financial manager 

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