A financial modeling simulator for step-by-step business development

Pipeliner provides different tools that aim to help you get rid of financial chaos in SME and understand your company's business processes.

If you are

A dynamic service or product company

 who are looking for new business opportunities

A consulting company

that wants to provide quality advice and assess the investment potential of a project

A young entrepreneur and freelancer

who wants to launch a new ambitious venture

How you can quickly graduate from google spreadsheet, save money and time, increase accuracy and be more scalable?

Pipeliner will simplify complex financial models for you by splitting them into smaller and more understandable pieces. 

Model you business using simple pre-made templates, Make number based decisions using standard financial reports generated by Pipeliner,Share results with your team, advisors and investors.

    easy to use – no special financial knowledge needed
    fast results – just 25 minutes to build your first financial model and see the big picture of your business
    affordable – way cheaper than consultant or in-house financial manager

How Pipeliner works


Find out why entrepreneurs prefer us over others!

“In the programs that I usually used, there was not a single tool that would make it possible to accurately calculate the real cost of our products and other commercial activities. In the Pipeliner it was quite clear and step-by-step."


Roman Sakh

Co-founder and architect of Formografia design studio

“We tried to forecast our balance sheet and cash flow - and immediately saw what information we lacked and what miscalculations we made while planning our services. We will continue to model, rely on straight numbers and create new products."


Kateryna Kravchuk

Co-founder of Lanka.pro

“It was an insight for us, that we were able to easily calculate the real cost of our products. We also understood how many specific products we need to sell in a certain period of time in order for our activities to be profitable."


Pavlo Bestuzhev

Co-founder of co.lab and visual communications designer

“A truly fascinating platform. You immediately see your calculations in depth. Also you have the opportunity to go back within the program, make edits and see the result again. It’s surprising how Pipeliner’s simple-looking interface takes into account the laws of economics and business in such a professional and accurate manner."


Serhii Zuev

Director of NGO All-Ukrainian organization KLAS

Try Pipeliner in these situations

    I have 10 products in my portfolio and I don't know which ones really bring me money and how much,
    I have an idea for a new product. I want to quickly understand how much money it can potentially bring me and what resources are needed to launch it,
    I spin like a hamster on a wheel, it seems there is some turnover, but at the end of the month there is no money left in the business bank account,
    I don’t understand where I lose money and where the possible growth points are for my business.

User path

At the scenario level, the user can work with financial planning – budgeting for the next 12 months.


Step 1. Describe your business

Create the first scenario in the project, describe the current state of the project. Analyze and tune the results.


Step 2. Consider alternatives

Create additional scenarios with alternative development states.


Step 3. Make a choice

Compare 2 scenarios and choose the best one.

For investors

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Our team

Our team consists of highly qualified specialists in the field of finance and business process management element


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Co-Founder & CEO
12 years of experience 🇺🇦

Anastasia Em

Co-Founder & Financial advisor Director
7 years of experience 🇺🇦

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Board member & Tech partner
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